CDR Pumps Offer Truly Portable Fluid Handling Solutions

CDR Pumps offer truly portable fluid handling solutions

A popular choice for many chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing facilities, many Industrial Bulk Containers are used for are used to store and transport a variety of different fluid types including those which are:

  • Flammable and highly flammable
  • Oxidising
  • Toxic
  • Corrosive or
  • Harmful to the environment

Two major risks that we have to be aware of are leaks and spills not only of the fluids themselves but also harmful emissions which makes filling and discharging IBC’s a high-risk activity.  Regular fluid handling solutions do not always best meet the needs of the site as pumps are often mounted on baseplates and part of rigid structure and our customers found that they were looking for a safe, reliable solution to this problem.  This led to the development of the Mobile Pumping Station.

The Mobile Pumping Station has specifically been designed for hazardous and toxic fluid handling; often utilizing the popular Small STN magnetically driven centrifugal pump which are manufactured wholly in either Polypropylene or PVDF for a wide array of chemical compatibility options however it can also be manufactured with a 1” air-operated double diaphragm pump in polypropylene and male cam-lock connections are fitted as standard.

This system comes robustly mounted in a light but heavy duty carry case constructed from Polypropylene for true portability and ease of movement.  The unit is supplied in 110v as standard however a 240v can be manufactured upon request and is controlled with a simple stop/start switch integrated into the carry case and the added benefit of being customised with recirculation pipework.

Designed in conjunction with many of the leading chemical distribution companies who have vast experience of working with the now everyday vessels for the safe transportation of hazardous and corrosive liquids, you can rest assured that this safe method of transferring IBC’s can ease many worries you have on site.

CDR Pumps will be exhibiting at SURFEX2020 but if you can’t wait to see the Mobile Pumping Station in action, call 01933 674777.