Acronal PRO 770L from BASF – Metal Loves Humidity!

Acronal PRO 770L from BASF – Metal loves Humidity!

Although Surfex 2020 will be held in summer, right now the autumn rains are threatening and in order to create value in metal protection coatings, resistance to corrosion is critical.

BASF has a comprehensive portfolio of water-based binders suitable for lower solvent demand metal protection applications. The new Acronal® PRO 770L joined the portfolio of 1K acrylic dispersions this year to extend the range and increase formulation opportunities using water-based technologies in the medium duty performance area. The new release builds on earlier versions that already offered good adhesion and early water resistance to provide superior corrosion protection, gloss and adhesion. The latest version is APEO and Zinc free and is suitable for use as a primer in medium duty (C3-C4, 360h SST or more) applications and for glossy DTM (C2-C3) protection. With excellent application properties, it finds particular use in steel parts, construction, exterior tankage, ACE and also in general industrial use.

The next-generation styrene-acrylic dispersion is ~50% solids by weight, has an MFT of 19°C and viscosity of ~500mPa.s. Performing well in salt-spray and humidity testing it also demonstrated excellent chemical resistance and UV durability. Team with the new Acronal® PRO 7600X in top coat for excellent compatibility with anti-corrosion pigments, and superior sandability.

BTC UK will be showcasing the full range of BASF water-based anti-corrosion primers, DTM and topcoat technologies at Surfex 2020, providing environmentally sustainable solutions for industrial metal coatings that prove metal plus water does not always equal rust!

For information on these and other BTC products please contact Chris Morgan, Head of Sales for Coatings, Inks and Plastics in the UK