Brenntag September 2019 Press Release

Brenntag UK & Ireland offers an extensive range of speciality chemicals for applications such as decorative and industrial paints, adhesives, composites and resin and powder coatings.

Our in house team of technical experts and their years of experience in the industry are able to provide full technical support to our customers  and have the backing of world-class manufacturers for coatings materials and construction chemicals, including Hexion, Dow,SI Group, Rhein Chemie, Zeochem, Delamine, Lapinus, Nynas, Specialty Minerals, Saint-Gobain and Brenntag Colours.

The unique Brenntag structure of full line chemical supply including surfactants and solvents suitable for the industry, blending and dilution facilities capable of making bespoke grades to meet your specification and market focused Business development managers working in unison with our local depot network, Brenntag is the ideal company to supply the total Coatings & Constructions chemical needs of your business. With our unique structure of market focused Business Development Managers, working in unison with our local distribution sites, we are sure that Brenntag is the ideal company to supply the total Coatings & Construction chemical needs of your business.

Working with world class supplies, like Dow, allows us to offer a full range of innovative resins for water based and solvated applications, dispersing agents and all rheology modifiers. We would particularly like to highlight the unique water based resins;

MAINCOTE™ AF-400 is designed for 1K water-borne floor paints with very good film performance for light duty flooring. It provides good and quick adhesion on concrete, fast drying time, and excellent hot tire pick up resistance. MAINCOTE™ AF-400 has great formulation versatility from matt to high gloss paint, clear or pigmented.

The advantages of the product include;

  • Fast drying time and fast Koenig Hardness development
  • Improved chemical resistance compared to commercial paints
  • Early, high tire pick up resistance for DIY garage floor coatings
  • Excellent, quick adhesion to concrete

DOW Formashield™ technology offers binders such as Primal™ SF-208 ER for interior paints capable of abating formaldehyde levels without emitting any hazardous component. Product formulated with the resin are  low VOC paints with good film performance Primal™ SF-208 ER is for high quality coatings that purify the air we breathe ideal for children’s bedroom or living rooms.

Along with these resins Dow’s extensive range of Rheology modifiers help improve the feel, appearance, flow and levelling of your paint. In the Acrysol range Dow have developed a unique acid suppression technology which means the products have very low viscosity so are easily added to the paint production process, less waste left in the drum and activated by pH.

Working closely with Hexion we can offer a full range of epoxy products, curing agents and reactive diluents for solvent free, solvated and water based applications.

Products of particular note are;

EPI REZ System 4230-W-60 is one pack, waterborne Epoxy-Phenolic Novolac co-dispersion which does not contain any co solvents and provides superior performance for baked industrial coatings, which require high chemical and thermal resistance, superior adhesion, film flexibility, toughness and high Tg. Application areas include industrial coatings, abrasives and industrial fabric finishes that require chemical, solvent and/or thermal resistance.

EPI REZ Resin 7732-W-53 is designed for formulation ultra low or zero VOC water borne coatings to protect concrete or metal. The system offers superior adhesion, excellent corrosion and humidity resistance, fast drying and quick hardness development at low temperatures. Application areas include concrete floor primers and top coats, anti corrosive primers for industrial coatings, Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) coatings and Auto Parts and Accessories (APA) coatings.

Please come by our stand 308 to see what we can offer and discuss your coatings needs and issues with our experts.