Coatings 2019: Trends and Opportunities Ahead

Coatings 2019: trends and opportunities ahead

Our Coatings business line manager, Michael Austin, takes stock of 2018 and looks at trends and opportunities ahead.

It’s been a year since Michael Austin joined Blagden to head up our Coatings business line. Over the year, he’s strengthened the sales team with new appointments, focused on great service and extended our portfolio, while keeping abreast of changing market needs.

“Blagden has an enviable position in the UK coatings market. The additives, pigments and extenders we offer from world-leading manufacturing partners is second to none,” he says. “However, I am keen to extend our portfolio with complementary products.”

To that end, Michael has re-established a partnership with Synthecoat to supply its extensive range of synthetic resins to coating customers across the UK and Ireland. More niche, but ideal for powder coating manufacturers, is a new partnership with Inopol to supply its powder polyester resins.

Michael brings to Blagden considerable industry knowledge, having moved from Perstorp, where he was involved in sales and business development, and held previous roles with major industry names including BP Chemicals and Koch Industries.

He’s keeping a close eye on the developments driving demand for new products. “Technology and regulations each create pressures to re-formulate products. We need to ensure we have the right products available to meet the changing needs.”

Many companies are committed to formulate products with lower or zero emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There is a gradual switch across the industry to radiation and UV curing and to water-based coatings. In water-based coatings, the performance of additives is critical, particularly the need for defoamers. “BYK is at the forefront of these markets and has an impressive portfolio of water-based products,” Michael adds.

If you would like more information about trends, opportunities or product information, please contact Michael Austin 01959 560804 or email