BASF primer formulations become sprayable

The Acronal® acrylic and styrene-acrylic dispersions are now being formulated into modern water-based sprayable primer formulations that meet the criteria for ease of use and environmental considerations.

Primers can be designed for use on a variety of dense and/or absorbent substrates such as metals, ceramics, wood and gypsum or cement based surfaces and others such as pvc. A sprayable format reaches difficult to reach and irregular areas and the Acronal® functionality provides adhesion promotion, moisture/vapour barrier, stain blocking, resistance when priming for various layers e.g. adhesives, coatings, adhesives and levelling compounds.

Tap into environmentally sound, ready-to-use technology with low VOC, no solvent content, no use of ammonia, APEO and formaldehyde that yield odour-free formulations for fast application and easy handling. Speak to your BTC account manager to view selected guide formulations or register for the BASF Lab Assistant and discover the full range of dispersions and additives for architectural coatings and construction applications.

Contact Chris Morgan, Chris Morgan Head of Sales Coatings, Plastics and Inks BTC