BASF introduces the Joncryl® 953X portfolio for protective woodgrain enhancement

BASF introduces the Joncryl® 953X portfolio for protective woodgrain enhancement

Natural materials like wood are enjoying growing popularity in the furniture & flooring sector. They are an obvious choice for enhancing the look and feel of our living and working spaces, with an particular emphasis on displaying the beauty of visible and contrasting wood grains. In order to replace the older solvent-based systems that were traditionally used to optimize this effect, BASF Dispersions & Resins have released the NEW Joncryl® 953X series of water-based resins for wood coatings.


Designed for grain enhancement and resistance, the portfolio comprises 5 water-based straight acrylic dispersions for formulating sustainable 1K furniture & flooring coatings that “vitalize” wooden surfaces, providing a beautiful and highly protective premium finish. Key performance characteristics such as resistance to chemicals, block and hardness resistance, scratch resistance and transparency are fulfilled while enabling formulators to select for low-to-zero co-solvent demand.


This flexible series offers a range of options, all with optimal fine-particle size and multi-purpose application possibilities. Formulators can select the resin that most appropriately reflects the needs of their products:


Joncryl® 9530: Excellent grain enhancement and chemical resistance

Joncryl® 9531: Optimal balance between blocking and chemical resistance

Joncryl® 9532: Excellent blocking, chemical and scratch resistance

Joncryl® 9533: Excellent early blocking resistance and 0% co-solvent demand

Joncryl® 9534: Great blend partner for enhancing blocking resistance and hardness


For more information or to sample please contact Chris Morgan, Head of Sales – Coatings, Plastics & Inks BTC UK and visit us on Stand 203 at Surfex 2021.