BASF 2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decindiol aka TMDD – A versatile diol for water-borne formulations

TMDD is an acetylenic diol that performs as a speciality wetting agent and defoamer in a broad range of water-based coatings, inks and adhesives applications.


TMDD can enhance the dynamic wetting performance of coatings on numerous substrates improving their appearance by minimizing surface defects.  TMDD is also used in applications like water-borne coatings and inks to improve pigment dispersing and spray performance as well as de-foaming.

BASF TMDD is also available dissolved in ethylene, propylene and butyl glycol for easier handling. Visit our website to learn more or contact Chris Morgan 
Head of Sales Coatings, Plastics and Inks BTC UK,