Industry Insight

Taking place over the two day period of Surfex, The Industry Insight Seminars are presented by Supporting Organisations and address relevant topics of critical significance to industry. A full schedule will be announced shortly.

Topics include:

  • Biocides: Challenges & Opportunities.
  • Implications of Diisocyanate Restrictions on PU Adhesives and Sealants.
  • The Circular Economy – the End of Adhesives?
  • REACH 2018 and the Likely Effect on the Adhesives and Sealants Industry.
  • Poisons Centres and the Consequences for Adhesives & Sealants Manufacturers.
  • REACH and Innovation in Sealant Formulation.
  • Training Opportunities for Adhesives & Sealants Manufacturers.
  • Defending the Use of Titanium Dioxide in Paints and Coatings.
  • The Chemical Regulatory Landscape Post-Brexit: the Future of the Coatings Industry.
  • Training Options for Coatings Employers.
  • Analysis and characterisation of novel materials and surface coatings applications.
  • Processing and characterisation of Nanoparticles.
  • The functionalising and application of Graphene in surface coatings.
  • A Case for Collaborative Research: The Success of PowderBond
  • Global Industrial Coatings Market: Is the Technology Mix Changing?
  • Academic Shorts: Introductory presentations by post-graduate research workers in academic groups, researching in areas relevant to the coatings industry