Woellner Group

Stand: 209
Category: Sharer

Telephone: +49 (0) 621-5402-268
Email: thorsten.langer@woellner.de
Website: https://www.woellner.de

Company Profile

Woellner is your partner in the field of soluble silicates (waterglass) and adapted chemical specialties for industrial applications.
We develop innovative and customized B2B-solutions und support you in integrating them profitably into your processes. In particular, we are active in the large-scale chemical industry, the construction, paint, and paper industry but as well as in a wide variety of other sectors of industries.
Our chemical products support you in saving water and energy, to protect from fire and to reduce or even totally avoid the use of hazardous chemicals. Moreover, they provide a positive impact on the properties of your products as well as their environmental compatibility.
In order to establish a long-term and satisfying partnership with you and our stakeholders we are always basing our business activities on the fundamental principles of trust and sustainability.

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