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Category: Sharer

Telephone: 07970 134451

Company Profile

Vink work alongside Tennants Distribution in the UK, to formulate biocides with antimicrobial substances such as isothiazolinones and formaldehyde releasers. Vink/TDL can advise with pragmatic technical and regulatory know-how and plant hygiene concepts to find the solution that suits you.
We advise on formulations based on our own registered active substances CMIT/MIT, MIT, MBO, TMAD, HPT and BIT supplemented with OIT, IPBC, Carbendazim, ZnPT, Terbutryn, Bronopol, Phenoxyethanol, DGH, DBNPA, BDA and Sodium Pyrithione. Vink also offer thickeners for aqueous paints, coatings, adhesives, polymers, cleaning agents, paper products and specialities based on CMC, HEC, biostable HEC B, EHEC, MHEC and HPMC.

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