Vinavil SpA


Exhibitor: Sharer

Stand: 624

Telephone: 07538 091887

Company Profile

Part of the Mapei Group -Vinavil are a leading company in the Italian chemical industry offering a complete range of polyvinyl acetate, vinyl veova and vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer emulsions, vinyl acrylic, styrene acrylic, pure acrylics, nanotechnology based products and fully formulated adhesives for various industries. Polyvinyl Acetate, Vinyl Acetate, Acrylics, VeoVa & Vinyl Acetate/Ethylene, Copolymer for Coatings and Adhesives, Redispersible Powders for cement
modification and tile adhesives.
Trade names = Vinavil®, Vinapur®, Crilat®, Ravemul® and Raviflex®

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