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Company Profile

Tolsa, has one of the most extensive and differentiated range of special clays worldwide, offering a broad range of additives and industrial products that provide high added value and improve the performance and efficiency of materials. Each process is subjected to stringent quality controls and the company is certified under ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. Tolsa has a production capacity of more than 1,2 million tons, and its factories are located near mining operations, or in port areas near end users.
We’re a Spanish company with an international vocation and a world leader in the extraction, treatment, and commercialization of minerals. Our innovative thinking and more than 60 years of experience have led us to develop more than 250 applications that improve and connect people’s lives throughout the world.

About Functional Additives Business Unit and ADINS®
ADINS® is a patented technology based on natural silicates that are surface modified, providing new functionalities to materials and reinforcing specific properties in organic and inorganic systems.
To develop the ADINS® range, we collaborate with leading industrial partners and international research centers in different application fields. Our goal is to ensure compliance with end-users and market needs.
ADINS® Protection, antimicrobial additives that brings viricide, bactericide, algicide and fungicide protection to Plastics, Paint & Coatings, Textiles, and Mortars. Due to its stability, ADINS technology allows to reduce the amount of active substance obtaining the same antimicrobial activity, increasing its durability, reducing costs and its environmental impact.

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