Tennants Distribution

Stand: 722

Contact Name: Zara Cunliffe
Telephone: 07970027930
Email: Zara.cunliffe@tg-tdl.com
Website: https://www.tennantsdistribution.com/specialist-divisions/resins/

Company Profile

Tennants Distribution Ltd are a locally based large company UK Chemical Distributor with smaller company service quality. Our Resins Division offers a selective range of industrial products to meet existing and developing specifications within the Surface Coatings and related industry. Mainstream products include synthetic polymers used as backbone resins, hardeners and cross-linkers for the industrial paints, printing inks, packaging, adhesives, textiles and construction industries. These are supported by performance enhancing products including biocides, film wetting and dispersion & foam control additives, sagging, cratering anti-scratch & other film surface improvers. Additionally some speciality polymers can be supplied for environmentally compliant applications and for casting and also very specialized medical and dental uses.
The Resin Division provides full in-depth technical back up and product support through Product Managers who have extensive technical and industrial experience. They act as direct links with our Principals to ensure that facilities in the areas of bespoke products, new technology, problem solving and full advise on use of products in various applications is readily available to customers.
Tennants will be returning to Surfex 2020 after a successful show in 2018 and are delighted to be representing the following key Principals:- allnex Liquid Resins & Additives (LRA) & Cross-linkers (XLR) ranges, Concentrol, ICAP Sira, Lucite Resins, Vinavil & Vink. After an uncertain trading year, maintaining security of supply is essential to both Tennants and all of our stakeholders. We look forward to meeting you on our stand 722 at Surfex 2020


Save Energy Costs with allnex catalysts

Save energy costs by using Cycat 296-9 in your coatings applications with high imino & partially alkylated resins. You can achieve the same hardness as similar uncatalysed systems that require higher temperatures. Allnex offer a full catalyst range to complement their Cymel range of amino cross-linkers For more information please visit https://allnex.com/en/product-finder?keywords=cycat Or contact your… Read more »

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