Stand: BZ124
Category: Exhibitor

Telephone: +358 10 424 4400
Email: info@specim.fi
Website: https://www.specim.fi

Company Profile

Specim is a globally leading supplier in hyperspectral imaging. The SPECIM FX10 is the first camera on the market which can measure the spectral radiance image of entire display fast enough for quality inspection in production and assembly lines. Spectral data provides most accurate colorimetric and luminance values for the entire DUT surface for both narrow and broadband sources characterising display colour gamut, luminance level and uniformity. Working as an on-line imaging spectroradiometer, SPECIM FX10 allows 100% inspection at production, minimising rework and complaints in later phases. As FX10 collects real spectral data from entire product flow, it enables analysing production quality statistics, and in case of issues, helps to find the root causes.

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