Rakem Group

Stand: 500
Category: Additives, Additives, Additives, Additives & Admixtures, Adhesive Raw Materials, Binders, Coating Raw Materials, Exhibitor, Fillers, Fillers, Formulation Services [more]

Telephone: 0161 762 0044
Email: sales@rakem.co.uk
Website: https://www.therakemgroup.co.uk

Company Profile

Rakem Group comprises of three companies: Maker, Cemkem and Rakem. Founded in 1996, as an agent and distributor for manufacturers who supply specialty raw materials to the paper, coatings, plastics, textile fibers, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It has quickly expanded into three companies, now also specialising in cement additives and custom toll manufacturing. It remains a family run business and, with over 100 years of combined experience, we are proud to offer customers tailor made advice and expertise. It is our mission to be the business that treats customers, staff and shareholders with equal respect.

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