Rain Carbon Inc.

Stand: 209
Category: Sharer

Telephone: +49 203 4296-753
Website: https://www.raincarbon.com
Address: Varziner Stra├če 49, 47138, Duisburg, Deutschland,

Company Profile

Rain Carbon Inc. is a global market leader in the field of aromatic chemicals. The company's success is based on flexibility and innovation along with partnership-based cooperation with clients. With more that 150 years of experience, Rain Carbon is a competent and reliable partner for a wide range of resins and their application fields, particularly when it comes to developing innovative products to meet new challenges and to satisfy evolving regulatory and social requirements.

Our Products: NOVARES hydrocarbon resins offer high and continuous quality for a wide range of coating applications. Based on aromatic and aliphatic feedstock we develop solid and liquid specialties, manufacture in Europe, distribute via our international network and deliver to customers worldwide. Our clients benefit not only from a broad product portfolio but also from an individual logistical solutions and technical application support. Our R&D and service lab provide ideas for the next generation of products reducing carbon footprint and that of our customers.

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