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Company Profile

Error-free coatings is the theme behind all of ORONTEC’s activities: measurement, automation, process optimization, digitalization, software, consultancy! ORONTEC is a co-founder of the Smart Paint Factory Alliance.
ORONTEC's customers are more productive and know more about their processes and materials, drawing profit from the combination of measurement technology, software and process engineering.
The process engineering uses methods from Six-Sigma and Lean Management, putting our 150+ years of coatings knowledge into practice.
Q-Chain® LCM - Liquid Color Measurement
Q-Chain® SSA – automated measurement device for coated test panels
Q-Chain® PolyShear® - lab scale device to simulate shear stress in paint pipelines
Q-Chain® SuMo - automatic measurement and evaluation of corrosion test panels
Q-Chain® Process AI – software connecting devices to ERP systems
MagnoMeter® XRS – particle characterization


11:40 - 12:00

Digitalization and the Paint Industry – Why a Smart Paint Factory Alliance

After a short explanation of how we envision the Smart Paint Factory of the future compared to the status quo, we will show how digitalization and smart measuring devices can improve the processes within the paint production. Examples for measuring devices are given. As a next step, this is put into the context of the... Read more »

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