Icap Sira SpA


Exhibitor: Sharer

Stand: 624

Telephone: 07538 091887
Email: elizabeth.humphrey@tg-tdl.com
Website: https://www.icapsira.com

Company Profile

Founded in 1945, Icap Sira is a family-owned company who are committed to the production, development, and commercialisation of a wide range of speciality polymers for the coating, packaging and inks, textiles, and nonwovens business sectors. The chemistries cover water based acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinylic copolymers and PU dispersions, bio based PU’s, thickeners and cross-linkers. Icap Sira also offer solvent based PU’s for the textile industry. Icap Sira offer a product development service to develop bespoke products to meet the customer’s needs.
Trade names = Acrilem®, Acris®, Acrythane®, Cleancap®, Icafinish®, Icaplink®, Icapsil®, Idrocap® and Idropur®

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