Francis Flower Ltd

Stand: 324

Telephone: 0800 622 6806
Address: The Mill, Gurney Slade, Somerset, BA3 4TE, United Kingdom

Company Profile

Fordacal and Flowdol are manufactured by Francis Flower, a family business established in 1953. The company has evolved to become a leading manufacturer of mineral by-products from industry that are recovered, reclaimed and recycled for the benefit of customers and the environment.
The Fordacal range of calcium carbonate and calcium magnesium fillers have bright white properties, high product purity and are made from 100% recycled material. Fordacal is milled in the UK utilising one of the world's whitest and purest marble deposits. Fordacal and Flowdol are suitable for coatings, paints, sealants and adhesives where purity and brightness are paramount.