New Water Borne Flexibilized Epoxy Dispersion


Karl Rossmann
TS&BD Manager Metal Protective

While the performance of water borne primer systems meets industry standards, end-users and governments are becoming more stringent on VOC emissions during the coating process. Regardless, allnex is committed to continue with sustainable developments for every industry.
Consequently the ultimate challenge for coating formulators has become : How to balance performance, cost and VOC of their WB 2K epoxy primer?
Using BECKOPOX® EP 2387w/53WA combined with BECKOCURE® EH 2100w/44WA or BECKOCURE EH 2261w/41WA , delivers a highly flexible, ultra low VOC and corrosion resistant metal primer, balancing cost and performance, most suitable for General Industry, Railway, ACE and many other applications where performance matters.

Oliver Truchses (BSc)
TS&BD Manager

Manage Your Chemical Compliance with Yordas Hive

Manage Your Chemical Compliance with Yordas Hive

Yordas Hive was created to meet growing market demand for accurate, up-to-date regulatory data on chemicals globally. Our customers were looking for a tool that brings them updates faster, in a platform that is highly customisable to their regulations and substances of interest. Yordas Hive provides this and much more…

Turkey KKDIK – Get Ready for Pre-registration and Registration

Turkey KKDIK – Get ready for pre-registration and registration

Many hundreds of companies are busy pre-registering their substances in advance of the 31 December 2020 pre-registration deadline in Turkey. Alongside the pre-registration are other related obligations such as C&L notification and SDS certification.

With the registration window about to start, are you ready to finalise your pre-registrations and start the discussions on data sharing?

The session will cover:

  • Overview of Turkey KKDIK, CLP and SDS regulations
  • Identifying your role and obligations within your supply chain
  • Appointing an OR, submitting pre-registrations and C&L notifications
  • Preparing a strategy for registration

Are You Ready for 2021?

Are you ready for 2021?

OCCA are proud to present a panel comprised of a cross-section of stakeholders within our industry, including Government agencies, suppliers and coatings manufacturers.

The aim of this session is the provide key information on what businesses need to do in readiness for the end of the Brexit Transition Period and the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31st December 2021.

Informative presentations from BEIS and Defra will provide details regarding tariffs, import/export responsibilities and the implications and implementation of UK REACh, these will then be followed by an open forum as the panellists will field questions from the audience in a final Q & A session.

Paul Sheppard
President Elect


Tom Bowtell


Geoff Mackay
Group Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director

Ryan Diggory
Senior Policy Advisor


Graham Armstrong
Technical Service Manager
Indestructible Paint

Alun Williams
Lead for External Stakeholder Engagement, Chemicals, Pesticides and Hazardous Waste (CPHW) team

Exploring Dedicated Colorants for Flooring Applications

Exploring dedicated colorants for flooring applications: a fully integrated tinting system

Ron Van der Leeuw


Chromaflo is the market leader for tinting systems for the decorative and industrial coatings industry. Tinting systems are nowadays state of the art in almost every DIY shop. There is a growing interest for implementing tinting systems in adjacent markets such as flooring. Based on a case study, this paper describes and explains the approach of a fully integrated tinting system. What is a tinting system, how can it help reducing the colorant inventory and how can blended color on demand be created? Questions on how to select the right pigments, colorant technologies and required specifications will be answered.

Alexandra Birden

Stort Chemicals

Global GHS – Asian Feature

Global GHS — Asian Feature

Li Xiang
Business Development Manager
CIRS Europe

CIRS has always held regular training events in Asian and Europe in order to provide to our clients, partners and members in the Regulatory Sector, with the most up to date knowledge and changes to the ever-expanding field of international chemical regulations.

With our headquarters based in China and branches in Korea, Ireland and USA, CIRS is able to monitor the global chemical regulations update. CIRS is pleased to work with Surfex Digital Week of the webinar on The Global GHS-Asian Feature, this webinar will cover the Classification, Labelling, Safety Data Sheet  on China, Korea, and Taiwan GHS regulations, also include case studies and hot topics like confidential business information protection in the Asian GHS.

Are U ready for the UFI Code: European Poison Centre Notifications

Are U ready for the UFI Code: European Poison Centre Notifications

Nirav Banker
Business Head (UK, Asia-Pacific and Middle East)

The new Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation, defines the harmonised requirements for Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) applicable as of the start of 2021. Importers and/or downstream users will have the obligation of submitting this information to EU Member States in order to be used by their respective Poison centres in case of emergency health response. Some general topics in this webinar will include – What is a Poison Centre? What is required? What is the UFI code?, others, Q&A session

Dr Pilar Ortiz-Alias
Regulatory Affairs
SIAM S.L., Spain


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