Beating the Pandemic

Let’s trust that 2021 is the opposite of 2020 – which had a good start, but ended up pretty rubbish on so many levels. But now, there are reasons to be optimistic and an anticipation that science is fighting back against the corona virus

So from the organising team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone associated with Surfex – not least the exhibitors, The Surfex Ltd Board and OCCA Council for their continued support – and to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year.

Although this year might not have brought the immediate return to normal we all were hoping for, we want to reassure everyone that at Surfex, we are continuing with our activities and to do all we can to bring the surface & coatings technology community together, whether that be in-person, virtually or a combination of both.

Whilst the start to 2021 is still challenging and to enter a new lockdown was disappointing, with the roll-out of a vaccination programme there are reasons to be optimistic. We will surely return to a degree of normality at some point during the year. Even the scientists are now predicting this. Yet exactly when there will be a return to ‘normality’ is not yet clear.

Accordingly, there is an agreement with the Board of Surfex Ltd and OCCA to have a review in March to assess the prospects for delivering the live Surfex event in June and the potential conditions under which a live event can be delivered.

We will be pleased to keep everyone updated in terms of the practical options available to delivering a live event.

In the meantime, here are the options available for everyone to stay connected and informed throughout the year. These are designed for anyone comfortable with creating / leading content or for those who just want to ensure they keep up to date. These include:
Surface & Coatings Technology: e-Newsletter
TechFocus & Industry Insight webinars

Science and technology will continue to ‘sell’ products for the foreseeable future. So never before has it been so important to stay up to date and to keep connected. Much of this can be achieved via Surfex and the following web sites: